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Dark-field ghost imaging 曹德忠 Optics Express SCI二区
Low lattice thermal conductivity and high figure of merit in p-type doped K3IO 戴振宏 Chinese Physics B SCI三区
The structural, electronic and optic properties in a series of M2XY (M = Ga, In; X,Y = S, Se, Te) Janus monolayer materials based on GW and the Bethe-Salpeter equation 戴振宏 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B SCI四区
First-principles study of phonon thermal transport in II–VI group graphenelike materials 戴振宏 JOURNAL OF VACUUM SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY A SCI四区
Phonon thermal transport in Janus single layer M2XY (M=Ga; X, Y=S, Se,Te): A study based on first-principles 戴振宏 PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES SCI二区
A comprehensive study of phonon thermal transport in 2D IV-VI semiconductors MX (M = Ge, Sn; X = S, Se) 戴振宏 Physics Letters A SCI三区
A comprehensive phonon thermal transport study of 2D hexagonal MX2 and orthorhombic M2X3 (M = Ni, Pd; X = S, Se and Te) 戴振宏 Materials Today Communications SCI三区
Low thermal conductivity and good thermoelectric performance in mercury chalcogenides 戴振宏 COMPUTATIONAL MATERIALS SCIENCE SCI三区
基于次级拉曼模的固体激光器的数值模拟研究 丁双红 中国激光 EI收录
主动调Q次级拉曼模激光器的研究 丁双红 光学学报 EI收录
Numerical analysis of synchronously pumped solid-state Raman lasers 丁双红 Optics Express SCI二区
Analysis of actively Q-switched infrared Raman lasers with crystalline media of multi-Raman-modes 丁双红 Infrared Physics & Technology SCI三区
Revisiting wrong sign Yukawa coupling of type II two-Higgs-doublet model in light of recent LHC data 韩小芳 CHINESE PHYSICS C SCI二区
Color-stable white phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes based on double bipolar mixed-host layer 高颖 JOURNAL OF PHYSICS D-APPLIED PHYSICS SCI三区
Secrecy Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks over Generalized Fading Channels 贺鹏飞 SECURITY AND COMMUNICATION NETWORKS SCI四区
一种面向低真空环境的质量分析方法仿真研究 姜佩贺 质谱学报 EI收录
Range-Doppler Sidelobe Suppression for Pulsed Radar Based on Golay Complementary Codes 姜佩贺 IEEE Signal Processing Letters SCI三区
Feature Guided CNN for baby's facial expression recognition 姜佩贺 Complexity SCI三区
Low-Vacuum Quadrupole Mass Filter Using a Drift Gas 姜佩贺 International Journal of Analytical Chemistry SCI四区
Resonant contributions to three-body B → KKK decays in perturbative QCD approach 李营 European Physical Journal C SCI二区,自然指数收录
Branching fractions and CP asymmetries of the quasi-two-body decays in Bs→K0(K0)K±πwithin PQCD approach 李营 European Physical Journal C SCI二区,自然指数收录
ST-ETM: A Spatial-Temporal Emergency Topic Model for Public Opinion Identifying in Social Networks 刘霞 IEEE ACCESS SCI三区
A user-based aggregation topic model for understanding user’s preference and intention in social network 刘霞 NEUROCOMPUTING SCI二区
多波段前视红外图像融合的海面杂乱背景平滑方法 娄树理 光谱学与光谱分析 SCI三区
基于多尺度局部对比度的前视红外舰船目标增强 娄树理 电光与控制 北大核心
Performance improvement of organic bulk-heterojunction solar cells using complementary plasmonic gold nanorods 柳志海 Organic Electronics SCI三区
Non-equivalent Tl doping for high performance perovskite solar cells: Crystal quality improvement with enhanced p-type character 柳志海 Journal of Power Sources SCI一区
Improving the performance of lead-acetate-based perovskite solar cells using solvent controlled crystallization process 柳志海 Organic Electronics SCI三区
Improving the performance of inverted two-dimensional perovskite solar cells by adding an anti-solvent into the perovskite precursor 柳志海 Journal of Materials Chemistry C SCI二区
High performance two-dimensional perovskite solar cells based on solvent induced morphology control of perovskite layers 柳志海 Chemical Physics Letters SCI三区
Crystallization management for high-performance perovskite solar cells by introducing an antisolvent into the perovskite precursor 柳志海 Journal of Materials Chemistry C SCI二区
The light sgoldstino phenomenology: explanations for the muon (g−2) deviation and KOTO anomaly 刘学文 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI一区,自然指数收录
Optically injected nanolasers for time-delay signature suppression and communications 穆鹏华 OPTICS EXPRESS SCI二区
Generation of NLFM microwave waveforms based on controlled period-one dynamics of semiconductor lasers 穆鹏华 OPTICS EXPRESS SCI二区
Enhancing time-delay suppression in a semiconductor laser with chaotic optical injection via parameter mismatch 穆鹏华 OPTICS EXPRESS SCI二区
基于概率耦合的双直接判决先验信噪比估计算法 欧世峰 电子学报 EI
Adjustable unidirectional beam splitters in two dimensional photonic crystals 任承 Optical and Quantum Electronics SCI四区
High power passively Q-switched Tmc+:(LuxGd1-x)3Ga5O12 laser based on boron nitride 申英杰 Optics and Laser Technology SCI二区
High-power long-wave infrared laser based on polarization beam coupling technique 申英杰 High Power Laser Science and Engineering SCI二区
A high-beam-quality passively Q-switched 2 μm solid-state laser with a WSe2 saturable absorber 申英杰 Optics and Laser Technology SCI二区
Passive mode-locking operation of a diode-pumped Tm:YAG laser with a MoS2 saturable absorber 申英杰 Optics and Laser Technology SCI二区
Passive Q-Switched Operation of a Tm:YAP Laser with the MoSe2 Saturable Absorber 申英杰 Journal of Russian Laser Research SCI四区
Continuous-wave mode-locked Tm:YAG laser with GaAs-based SESAM 申英杰 Infrared Physics and Technology SCI三区
Coincidence angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy: Proposal for detection of two-particle correlations 苏跃华 Physical Review B SCI二区
微波水热法氧化锌的低温合成及发光特性研究 孙元平 烟台大学学报( 自然科学与工程版) 北大核心
Computational ghost imaging with discrete stochastic sources 王翀 PHYSICAL REVIEW A SCI三区
Haze Removal by Modeling the Scattering Properties of the Medium 王蕊 IEEE Signal Processing Letters SCI三区
Altering magnetic response of superconductors by rotation 王军平 Physics Letters A SCI三区
Structure and Magnetic Properties of Multiferroic DyMnO3 Epitaxial Thin Films Grown on Different Substrates 王伟田 Journal of Magnetics SCI四区
Fabrication and Transport Properties of DyMnO3/SrTi0.99Nb0.01O3 Heteroepitaxial Structures 王伟田 Journal of the Korean Physical Society SCI四区
Fabrication and Electrical Transport Characteristics of All-PerovskiteOxide DyMnO3 / Nb-1.0 wt% Doped SrTiO3 Heterostructures 王伟田 Korean J. Mater. Res. EI Compendex收录
P3 equation steady-state model of light transport in semi-infinite thick rectangular medium 王喜昌 OPTIK SCI三区
Research on encoding and decoding algorithms of non-binary LDPC code and FPGA implementation 王中训 Journal of Computational Methods in Sciences and Engineering EI收录期刊
Nonbinary Low-Density Parity Check Decoding Algorithm Research-Based Majority Logic Decoding 王中训 International Journal of Pattern Recognition EI收录期刊
Flat lenses based on 2D perovskite nanosheets 王子昱 Advanced Materials SCI一区
Real-time continuous calibration method for an ultraviolet camera 武魁军 Optics Letters SCI二区
Heterogeneity-Aware Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Optimization in Dense Small Cell Networks 吴世娥 IEEE Access SCI三区,自然指数收录
Multiple magnetic phase transitions in NixMn1-xCo2O4 徐大印 Ceramics International SCI二区
Significantly enhanced photocurrent density in NiCo2O4/a-C/Si photoanode
for water splitting
徐大印 Applied Surface Science SCI一区
Morphology and growth mechanism of amorphous silicon carbide sputtered
on anodic aluminum template by radio frequency
徐大印 Ceramics International SCI二区
Studying the localized CP violation and the branching fraction of the B¯0K-π+π+π-
徐晶 Chinese Physics C SCI二区
Studying the D1D molecule in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approach 徐晶 Physical Review D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Cooperative chemisorption of polysulfides via 2D hexagonal WS2-rimmed Co9S8 heterostructures for lithium–sulfur batteries 赵浩 Chemical Engineering Journal SCI一区
High-performance 3 V “water in salt” aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors based on VN nanowire electrodes 赵浩 Journal of Materials Chemistry A SCI一区
Synthesis of high-performance TiN based battery-type wire supercapacitors and their energy storage mechanisms 赵浩 Electrochimica Acta SCI二区
Highly enhanced electrochemical cycling stabilities of hierarchical partially-embedded MnO/carbon nanofiber composites as supercapacitor electrodes 赵浩 Materials Science and Engineering: B SCI二区
Doping induced charge density wave in monolayer TiS2 and phonon-mediated superconductivity 赵银昌 Journal of Applied Physics SCI三区
MgB4 trilayer film: A four-gap superconductor 赵银昌 Physical Review B SCI二区
Quartic anharmonicity and anomalous thermal conductivity in cubic antiperovskites A3BO ( A=K, Rb; B=Br, Au ) 赵银昌 Physical Review B SCI二区
Anomalous electronic and thermoelectric transport properties in cubic Rb3AuO antiperovskite 赵银昌 Physical Review B SCI二区
Motif based high-throughput structure prediction of superconducting monolayer titanium boride 赵银昌 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics SCI二区
B0d,sf1f1 decays with f1(1285)-f1(1420)mixing in the perturbative QCD approach 邹芝田 Physical Review D SCI二区
Unsupervised Manifold-Preserving and Weakly Redundant Band Selection Method for Hyperspectral Imagery 隋晨红 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing SCI一区
Sparse unmixing of hyperspectral data with bandwise model 隋晨红 Information Sciences SCI二区
One-dimensional one-band topologically non-Hermitian system simulated in optical cavities 孙伯业 Physical Review A SCI
Temperature-resolved photoluminescence, Raman and electrical properties of Li doped Ga2O3 nanostructure 张骏 Ceramics International SCI二区 Top
Morphological evolution, luminescence properties and a high-sensitivity ethanol gas sensor based on 3D flower-like MoS2–ZnO micro/nanosphere arrays 张骏 Ceramics International SCI二区Top
Structural features, low-temperature luminescence properties of Li-doped SnO2 nanobelts and their transitional temperature 张骏 Journal of Luminescence SCI二区
Influence of Zn doping on the morphology and luminescence of Ga2O3 low- dimensional nanostructures 张骏 Journal of Luminescence SCI二区
Top quark as a probe of heavy Majorana neutrino at the LHC and future colliders 祝斌 Physical Review D SCI二区
Simple model for large CP violation in charm decays, B-physics anomalies, muon g-2 and dark matter 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI一区
Connecting between inflation and dark matter in models with gauged Z3 symmetry 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI一区
Light gravitino dark matter: LHC searches and the Hubble tension 祝斌 Physical Review D SCI二区
Atmospheric dark matter and XENON1T excess 祝斌 Physical Review D SCI二区
The Performance Evaluation of Big Data-Driven Modulation Classification in Complex Environment 蔡卓燃 IEEE ACCESS SCI三区
Correlated reconstruction for the phase-only Fourier hologram with incoherent illumination 曹德忠 Journal of Optics SCI三区
Observation of positive–negative sub‑wavelength interference without intensity correlation
曹德忠 Scientific Reports SCI三区
Full-color photon-counting single-pixel imaging 曹德忠 Optics Letters SCI二区
Positive-Negative Ghost Imaging with Statistics of Realizations 曹德忠 Physical Review Applied SCI二区
Complex-amplitude single-pixel imaging using coherent structured illumination 曹德忠 Optics Express SCI二区
Ultra-low lattice thermal conductivity and high thermoelectric efficiency of K3AuO 戴振宏 JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS SCI三区
Quartic anharmonicity and ultra-low lattice thermal conductivity of alkali antimonide compounds M3Sb (M = K, Rb and Cs) 戴振宏 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH SCI二区
Low lattice thermal conductivity and high figure of merit in n-type doped full-Heusler compounds X2YAu (X = Sr, Ba; Y = as, Sb) 戴振宏 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH SCI
工作环境下PSD系统精度测定 董言治 烟台大学学报(自然科学与工程版) 北大核心
远距离定位系统中红外同步子系统构建 董言治 烟台大学学报(自然科学与工程版) 北大核心
基于IIS2DH的振动信号处理与传感器设计 姜佩贺 仪表技术与传感器 北大核心
High sensitivity and ultra compact fiber-optic microtip SPR thermometer coated with Ag/PDMS bilayer film 孔令鑫 Optical Fiber Technology SCI
Continuous-wave Nd:KGd(WO4)2 single longitudinal-mode laser 兰瑞君 Chinese Physics B SCI三区
An energetic phase of ZnN6 at ambient conditions 李建福 Physica B: Condensed Matter SCI三区
矢量重味介子的径向激发态 李作宏 烟台大学学报 北大核心
Investigation on effects of new physics in c→(s,d)l ν transitions 李营 Chinese Physics C SCI二区
A Multifeature Complementary Attention Mechanism for Image Topic Representation in Social Networks 刘霞
Cross‐media search method based on
complementary attention and generative
adversarial network for social networks
Heavy dark matter and gravitational waves 刘学文 Physical Review D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Probing superheavy dark matter with gravitational waves 刘学文 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI二区,自然指数收录
Stability and efficiency improved perovskite solar cells through tuning the hydrophobicity of the hole transport layer with an organic semiconductor 柳志海 Journal of Materials Chemistry C SCI二区
Performance improvement of inverted two dimensional perovskite solar cells using a non-fullerene acceptor as the trap passivator 柳志海 Sustainable Energy & Fuels SCI二区
Morphology control of SnO2 layer by solvent engineering for efficient perovskite solar cells 柳志海 Solar Energy SCI二区
Electron-transport-layer-free two-dimensional perovskite solar cells based on a flexible poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) cathode 柳志海 Sustainable Energy & Fuels SCI二区
Cesium-doping for performance improvement of lead(II)-acetate-based perovskite solar cells 柳志海 Materials SCI三区
An organic-inorganic hybrid hole transport bilayer for improving the performance of perovskite solar cells 柳志海 Chemical Physics SCI四区
A combined chrome oxide and titanium oxide based electron-transport layer for high-performance perovskite solar cells 柳志海 Chemical Physics Letters SCI四区
Hole-Transport-Underlayer-Induced Crystallization Management of
Two-Dimensional Perovskites for High-Performance Inverted Solar
柳志海 ACS Applied  Energy Materials SCI二区
High spectral and spatial resolved encryption and decryption of 3D color object based on holographic imaging spectroscopy 娄树理 Optics and Lasers in Engineering SCI二区
The electromagnetic waves propagating parallel to the magnetic field in a uniform magnetized plasma with a transverse electric field 明玥 PHYSICA SCRIPTA SCI三区
Chaos Time Delay Signature Suppression Assisted by a Phased Array With Four Different Waveguide Structures 穆鹏华 IEEE Journal of Quantum Electroncis SCI三区
Characterizing the chaotic dynamics of a semiconductor nanolaser subjected to FBG feedback 穆鹏华 OPTICS EXPRESS SCI二区
外场调控下的纳米激光时延隐藏及不可预测性提升 穆鹏华 物理学报 SCI三区
基于激光器阵列后处理的混沌熵源 穆鹏华 物理学报 SCI三区
Blind Image Separation Method Based on Cascade Generative Adversarial Networks 倪梦莹 Applied Sciences SCI三区
A New Sparse Kernel RLS Algorithm for Identification of Nonlinear Systems 欧世峰 IEEE access SCI三区
Dynamic modulation in graphene-integrated silicon photonic crystal nanocavity 任承 Chinese Physics B SCI三区
Coincidence inelastic neutron scattering for detection of two-spin magnetic correlations 苏跃华 Physical Review B SCI二区,自然指数收录
Lattice expansion and melting of spin glass state in the honeycomb antiferromagnet Bi3Mn4O12(NO3) 苏跃华 Journal of Physical Chemistry C SCI二区
Improved efficiency, stable spectra and low efficiency roll-off achieved simultaneously in white phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes by strategic exciton management
盛任 Organic Electronics
Attention Multibranch Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Adaptive Region Search 隋晨红 IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing SCI二区
Multi-grained Attention Network for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion 隋晨红 IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement SCI三区
二硫化钼自组装微球的制备及其吸附性能 孙元平 烟台大学学报( 自然科学与工程版) 北大核心
外加谐振电压时电容器的电容和电感 孙玉明 烟台大学学报
CWDV-Hop: A Hybrid Localization Algorithm With Distance-Weight DV-Hop and CSO for Wireless Sensor Networks 王蕊 IEEE ACCESS SCI三区
Optical properties of anatase and rutile TiO2 films deposited by using a pulsed laser 王伟田 Applied Optics SCI
Optical properties oftransition‑metal oxide thin flms deposited using a pulsed laser 王伟田 Journal of the Korean Physical Society SCI四区
Linear and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Vanadium Pentoxide Films Prepared by Pulsed-Laser Deposition 王伟田 Korean J. Mater. Res. EI Compendex收录
Improved Dielectric Properties and
Grain Boundary Effect of Phenanthrene Under High Pressure
王晓丽 Frontiers in Physics SCI三区
Conduction transition and electronic conductivity enhancement of cesium azide by pressuredirected grain boundary engineering 王晓丽 Journal of Materials Chemistry C SCI一区
Stable nitrogen-rich scandium nitrides and their bonding features under ambient conditions 王晓丽 Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics SCI三区
Digital Image Encryption Test System Based
on FPGA and Nios II Soft Core
王中训 Automatic Control and Computer Sciences EI收录期刊
Low Density Parity-Check Codes Based on Affine Permutation Matrices 王中训 International Journal of Pattern Recognition
and Artificial Intelligence
State of the Art and Prospects for Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 王子昱 ACS Nano SCI一区
Development of a self-calibration method for real-time monitoring of SO2 ship emissions with UV cameras 武魁军 Optics Express SCI二区
Quantum cascade laser spectroscopy-based high-sensitive temperature measurement technology 武魁军 Optical Engineering SCI四区
Muon g-2 anomaly and mu-tau-philic Higgs doublet with a light CP-even component 王磊 EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C SCI二区,自然指数收录
Lepton-specific inert two-Higgs-doublet model confronted with the new results  for muon and electron g-2 anomalies and  multilepton searches at the LHC 王磊 PHYSICAL REVIEW D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Filtered pseudo-scalar dark matter and gravitational waves from first order phase transition 王磊 JOURNAL OF COSMOLOGY AND ASTROPARTICLE PHYSICS SCI二区
Dark matter, electroweak phase transition, and gravitational waves in the type II two-Higgs-doublet model with a singlet scalar field 王磊 PHYSICAL REVIEW D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Dark matter, Z′, and vector-like quark at the LHC and b → sμμ anomaly 王磊 CHINESE PHYSICS C SCI二区
Microstructure and photoluminescence properties of anodized aluminum
oxide films treated by argon ion
徐大印 Ceramics International SCI二区
Introducing Secondary Acceptors into Conjugated Polymers to Improve Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution 赵浩 Macromolecules SCI二区,自然指数收录
Deciphering the catalysis essence of vanadium self-intercalated two-dimensional vanadium sulfides (V5S8) on lithium polysulfide towards high-rate and ultra-stable Li-S batteries 赵浩 Energy Storage Materials SCI一区
Lattice thermal conductivity including phonon frequency shifts and scattering rates induced by quartic anharmonicity in cubic oxide and fluoride perovskites 赵银昌 Physical Review B SCI二区,自然指数收录
Three-gap superconductivity in two-dimensional InB2/InB4 films 赵银昌 Physical Review B SCI二区,自然指数收录
Is fX(1500) observed in the Bπ(K)KK decays ρ0(1450)? 邹芝田 Physical Review D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Study of Quasi-two-body B(s) ϕ(f0(980)/f2 (1270))ππ Decays in Perturbative QCD Approach 邹芝田 European Physical Journal C SCI二区,自然指数收录
Quasi-two-body B(s)Vππ decays with resonance f0(980) in the PQCD approach 邹芝田 Physical Review D SCI二区,自然指数收录
Influence of Li Doping on the Morphological Evolution and Optical & Electrical Properties of SnO2 Nanomaterials and SnO2/Li2SnO3 Composite Nanomaterials 张骏 Ceramics International SCI二区, TOP
Structural characterization & optical and electrical properties of LiGaO2 & LiGa5O8 nanoparticles-based photodetectors 张骏 Journal of Alloy & Compounds SCI二区, TOP
Hydrogenation as a source of superconductivity in two-dimensional TiB2 张超 International Journal of Modern Physics C SCI四区
Chemical physics of superconductivity in layered yttrium carbide halides from first principles 张超 Physical Review B SCI二区、自然指数收录
Cage structure and near room-temperature superconductivity in TbHn (n = 1–12) 张超 The Journal of Physical Chemistry C SCI二区, TOP
Topochemical Deintercalation of Li from Layered LiNiB: toward 2D Mbene 张超 Journal of the American Chemical Society SCI一区,自然指数收录
Sparticle spectroscopy and dark matter in a U(1)B−L extension of MSSM 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI二区自然指数收录
Exothermic dark mesons in light of electron recoil excess at XENON1T 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI二区自然指数收录
Thermal relic of self-interacting dark matter with retarded decay of mediator 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI二区自然指数收录
Self-resonant dark matter 祝斌 Journal of High Energy Physics SCI二区自然指数收录
A Novel Algorithm of Joint Probability Data Association Based on Loss 刘云学 KSII TRANSACTIONS ON INTERNET AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS SCI四区

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